This Is How We Brief Freelance Article Writers on BuzzBRTN. And Why The Headline Is So Important

The launch of Buzz Brighton has seen me significantly refine how I brief freelancers when they’re commissioned to write an article. In this post, I’ll share our Article Brief Template, and our biggest insight in terms of article performance.

The aim of the new Article Brief Template is to create structure and clarity, and reduce friction in the briefing process, empowering the writer to create their best work with as little back-and-forth as possible.

It’s a sort-of cheat sheet for the writer and the individual commissioning.

I’ve shared it at the link below. If you’re commissioning writers please feel free to use it as you like.


The brief outlines the site’s tone and audience, details all elements of the article being commissioned, and outlines the payment amount and terms.

The most important part of this document? The headline.

Article headlines determine the article’s performance on social platforms, the cost (per click) of paid activity, and the number of social shares. It is the single biggest single factor in the performance of an article, followed closely by the article image itself.

For this reason I no longer commission any article unless there is an agreed headline that I believe will deliver article reads.

The article created from the template brief can be found here.

Do you commission writers, or are you a freelancer writing to briefs? Leave a comment below and share your insights.

(I’ll share our guidance on writing headlines that perform in a later post)

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