I didn’t pitch Teen Events. Here’s the video, and the latest Teen Events stats

Update in 1,2,3…

1. Last week I (didn’t) pitch Teen Events at Don’t Pitch Me Bro and here’s the video. Hold out for the questions which are probably the most interesting part. Thanks to the 3Beards for having me, it was a fantastic and useful experience. And there was beer.

2. Here’s some graphs showing the increase in total Event Follows and Registered Users on the Teen Events website:

3. And here’s the number of Event Follows and Registered Users from the last 5 weeks, showing an average week-on-week increase in both of 8%.

06/09/2013 13/09/2013 20/09/2013 27/09/2013 04/10/2013
Total Event Follows 27128 29987 33241 34863 37200
Week on week growth 8.17% 10.54% 10.85% 4.88% 6.70%
Registered Users 4517 4750 5526 5911 6138
Week on week growth 8.01% 5.16% 16.34% 6.97% 3.84%

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