Wanted: a Teen Events technical co-founder

After a great first week on Teen Events I’ve decided to aggressively realise my ambitions around the product and Teen Events as a business, and part of that means finding a superstar technical co-founder to join me. Details of this unique opportunity follow. Please get in touch @helloitsolly or email.


I’m looking for technical co-founder with Django experience to work with me on the Teen Events web app build and the development of the business in return for equity. This will likely start as an unpaid part time role and progress into a full time paid role plus equity. Significant progress has been made already. Join me? Read the rest of this blog to get a better idea of what I’m doing.


Me. I’m a 30-year old Londoner who has spent most of his life working on products for young people including maximumpop.co.uk, my social media agency We Are Jolly, and consulting for startups and agencies on marketing to young people. I like beer, karaoke and creating great stuff. I’m smart, driven and occasionally a bit outspoken. I know project management, product management, marketing, the audience, the music industry, copywriting and the startup scene.


The high level technical challenge is to source, aggregate, format and structure 100s of millions of ‘event’ listings found across the web – with an event being a gig, signing, TV or radio appearance or performance, a single, album or merchandise release, a fan event or anything else that a fanatic might want to be informed about. The idea of this should excite you.

For the user there are 3 core elements to the value proposition – broadly: event discovery and following, event and content alerts, and the related-content experience.


To create a brilliant, useful and loved product used by millions, whilst having a lot of fun.

Though there is the option of bootstrapping, my ambition is to apply for a London or mainland Europe-based accelerator or seed funding from a VC in the next few months. This will most likely require living in London or moving to Europe for at least six months, allowing us to grow the business whilst working side-by-side.


  • MVP launched and assumptions validated – outlined here.
    • 5,300 pre-registrations
    • 6,000 visits first week
    • 22 user ideas submitted
    • 350 events listed
    • 1936 event follows
  • Established relationships with music industry.
  • Very early conversations with VCs.
  • Existing environment in maximumpop.co.uk – 200,000 visitors a month.


  • Deploy, deploy, deploy
  • Continue to rapidly grow user base
  • Formalise industry relationships
  • Seek seed funding or place in accelerator


Self motivated, familiar or eager to learn about (and be part of) start up culture, risk taker, hard worker, passionate and affable will all be important qualities. Being a great coder with a desire to create great things, more so. You’ll be the sort of person who likes to give things a go, thinks ‘why not?’ and enjoys a challenge – especially when it’s solving a real problem and users are lining up to use it. Age and experience less important than ability, passion and a desire to create… stuff.


  • The site is currently built in Django and Backbone.Js
  • Ideally you’re an experienced Django developer with full stack knowledge
  • Familiarity with deploying to AWS or other similar hosting
  • Integrations / APIs mailchimp / Sendgrid / bit.ly / Twitter
  • Front-end HTML/CSS skills useful
  • You should enjoy creating consumer products for large audiences
  • An understanding of aggregating large volumes of data will be useful
  • Most important, smart, hard working and ready to learn

Want to meet for a quick chat and a coffee on me? Drop me a line.

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