teenevents.co.uk wireframe

Update 22/11/2012: The labelling throughout the Teen Events wireframe and notes on this page were updated to be consistent with this post. Some of the more complicated technical build work was removed.

…And this is what it looks like. Sort of. I created these wireframes which bring the concept of Teen Events more vividly to life. These first-iteration wireframes were pulled together in a couple of hours and will be used to explain the idea to people who don’t like lots of words. For me wireframes are about starting to make something in the browser that looks *sort of* like what I’m trying to make, another step to the end goal. And importantly, they illuminate early on any potential issues around user journeys, or indeed the concept not working at all, which is even more important when you consider this is a new platform rather than an established one with user expectations around how it should work. 

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teenevents.co.uk explained


teenevents.co.uk explained. At this stage I have an idea, a web address, a wireframe and business plan – plus, I’d like to think quite a lot of experience working with the potential audience, and a large environment to promote the platform from. And I’m eager to learn.

There are lots of things I don’t have – funding, a designer, front-end developer, coder, office. Oh dear me.

Below I outline the idea of teenevents.co.uk as it currently stands, and apart from the wireframes and a first-draft business plan (which I will post soon), represents the complete thinking behind the platform. I’m putting ‘the big idea’ online because I believe I am uniquely positioned to realise its build and make it a success. Or maybe I’m just an idiot. I’d love to know what you think.

teenevents.co.uk is a web and mobile-based events discovery, following and alerting platform for young people.

I am creating a platform that allows the user to discover ‘real world attend-able’ and watchable / readable / listenable / buyable events by ‘things you love’, location and friends; and then follow and be alerted to them. Continue reading “teenevents.co.uk explained”


And welcome.

October 2012

This blog documents my attempt to create a London-based web startup called teenevents.co.uk. An online and mobile platform for (young) people to discover, follow and be alerted to the things they love.

And that’s that. I’ll follow up soon with an introduction to the concept.