Increasing sign ups on Teen Events – getting visitors to register (and why we don’t have a home page)

In the image above you can see the Teen Events landing page for a user that isn’t registered (whether referred by typing in or following a link to, or from a tweet to a specific event generated by a registered user following an event). The user is thrown straight into the site instead of a ‘flat’ page that outlines the product benefits and encourages them to register. But why?

This decision had two rationalisations – the first, it saved a significant amount of time, design and development resource. All things I had very little of.

The second, I believe in showing not telling the user. In its simplest form this could be using images and video instead of copy to be more vivid for a user, but with this implementation a user can instantly experience what the product is and how it works, because they’ve found themselves within it.

However, this (unregistered user) version of the site only shows One Direction events, event following is disabled and you can’t track extra Topics, or see your diary of followed events. Plus, I don’t have their data because they haven’t registered.

We need to drive them from this page into the registration process.

So I intend to amend this landing page by adding the following copy:


Register and login free with Teen Events to track everything your favourite artists are doing (signings, gigs, TV and radio appearances, webchats and releases), follow events, get event reminders and content alerts, and see your followed events.

[smaller font] If you want to give us a go first, use the arrows below or swipe on your phone to see older and newer One Direction events. You’ll need to login to see and use everything else.

I’ll drop some notes on how/if this increases conversions later in the week.

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