A first look at the new Teen Events design work

The new Teen Events design work refreshes the website with a classier and less clunky look and feel, surfaces recently-added site functionality, and groups similar navigation routes together for clarity. And it’s bloody fantastic. Here’s a look at the first-draft which is currently being tweaked. Comments on Twitter if you’ve got them.

Click to make it very large

I found the designer Oliver Lisher on Dribbble – his use of colour, illustatration and typography are fantastic, he’s scary fast, and realistic when it comes to fees. Highly recommended. If you’re in a similar situation to me and need some great work with a limited budget, get in touch and tell him I sent you.

Teen Events mobile app designs

Loving you, loving you

The Teen Events design process is ongoing, but take a quick below at some-first draft concepts for the look and feel of the mobile application. Although I’ve pushed the project’s Creative Director Allen to just come up with some quick and dirty design assets for pitching, he’s challenged me to more carefully consider this stage of the process. The result is some pretty-heavy but incredibly useful conversations – some of which I’ve detailed below.

On the design:

Flat text/graphics –  there has been a plethora of apps which have completely overdone the whole bevel, drop shadow and gradient thing so you will notice here that everything is clean and what I would call ‘flat’. I think this would make the design feel highly contemporary and not just another cookie cutter app.

I truly think a classic, simple look is all important here.

Font used here is again quite stylish I feel. San Serif, but has still got some nice curves to it that keep it relatively soft. Possibly quite bold in places, but there is nothing worse than a whole load of fonts that have no visual hierarchy on the screen so have just been playing around here especially with the date. This seems like an important piece of information that needs to really stand out.

The settings screen would slide in as per facebook and many other sites. This does seem to be a standard interaction which has now stuck.

On The Big Picture:

At the moment it is very high level and I have foccused primarily on how this application may begin to look and work on a small screen ie: a mobile. Which I realise is not your primary focus, but really helps me from the point of view of designing an application. You strip away all the clutter and are forced to really think how the application works. So think of this as an exploration of design really.

And now, the designs: