A first look at the new Teen Events design work

The new Teen Events design work refreshes the website with a classier and less clunky look and feel, surfaces recently-added site functionality, and groups similar navigation routes together for clarity. And it’s bloody fantastic. Here’s a look at the first-draft which is currently being tweaked. Comments on Twitter if you’ve got them.

Click to make it very large

I found the designer Oliver Lisher on Dribbble – his use of colour, illustatration and typography are fantastic, he’s scary fast, and realistic when it comes to fees. Highly recommended. If you’re in a similar situation to me and need some great work with a limited budget, get in touch and tell him I sent you.

Update: animated video, first draft designs and thank yous

When I first started blogging my journey including extensive details of the idea, I wasn’t quite sure of my motivations – was it just lunacy? But in the last few days just one of the benefits has become crystal clear. By putting my idea out there I’ve received positive encouragement, useful feedback and suggestions in the form of comments, and amazingly, offers of specific help from old colleagues.

Design mock ups
The first offer is from a good friend of mine Allen Bramley who I worked with at Natmags and has offered to pull together some first-draft designs based on the wireframes, which I can take with me when I start pitching the idea for investment. Although I think the wireframe and explanation of the idea are pretty clear, I can’t wait to see the idea brought to life and to start to introduce a look and feel into the product. Yes, I’m a geek – but the thrill of it is up there with Christmas.

Animated intro video
The second is Emmie Bednall who I used to work with at my pop music social media agency We Are Jolly. Emmie is a top-notch animator who has agreed to work on a wizzy, wow-inducing animated demo video to be used on the teenevents.co.uk website and also in investment pitches. Here’s something she made for me when I was managing the girlgroup Parade.

You can follow the progress of both of these things on this blog. But before the hard work begins I just want to thank them both publicly for their help. Cheers guys.