Day 1 on Teen Events in numbers

Here’s a quick overview of Teen Events stats from day 1 (from launch at midday) – visits, registrations, event follows:

  • 2,358 visits
  • 557 new registered users
  • 150 mailer registrations (double opt-in)
  • 926 new event follows
  • 200 new Twitter followers, passed 14,000


  • My technical implementation means I’m not really measuring the ‘right things’, just the obvious and easiest. I can track some interesting top level numbers here but I need to consider some more meaningful metrics e.g. number of people who registered and followed >5 events >3 times in first month. For this type of stat I’m going to need to implement Kiss Metrics or similar software.
  • Overall I think the numbers are pretty good.
  • Conversion from visits to registration (and event following) is — okay. There is no signposting / copy for unregistered visitors that outlines the benefits and extra functionality on the site for registered users. This is a quick fix that needs to be implemented asap. I can forgive technical limitations in a new product but clear explanations to drive people through the site and encourage ‘correct’ behaviours are quick wins.
  • I won’t post these daily, but will put some more notes up in a week or two.

In summary, a good start but I’d consider most of these stats phantom as they don’t deliver the insights that will help me know people are *really* using and understanding my product. More to do.

7 days on – Teen Events beta in numbers

Following on from my tweet-as-post here’s some more figures from the Teen Events MVP testing period over its first 7 days until today:

  • Have invited 500 users to test the site, of which approx. 400 accepted.
  • 150 of those double-opted into the mailer.
  • Generated 1,936 event follows from this, with one event having over 95 follows.
  • Generated 6,102 website visits between April 10th and 17th, 31% are return visits.
  • Manually listed 349 events including signings, webchats, radio and TV appearances and online events, across 6 music acts (Topics).
  • 22 user ideas, 26 tickets, 491 visits to the Uservoice.
  • Generated 5,310 pre-registrations through for post-testing (since before beta launch)
  • Generated 13,000 Twitter followers on @teenevents (since before beta launch)
  • 200+ content / ‘today’s events’ emails sent a day.
  • First Teen Events mailer sent – 66.9% open rate, 0 unsubscribes.
  • And lots of tweets like this.

Do young people actually have £££s? And other things you might be wondering

Some interesting statistics relating to the Teen Events audience.


  • 180,000 UK fans seeing One Direction at London’s O2 arena this year.
  • 9,000,000 Twitter followers.
  • 13,000,000 Facebook likes.
  • 1,000,000+ Facebook ‘fan interactions’ in the last 30 days.


  • 7,667,000 people aged 10-19 in the UK.


  • 17.1 hours a week – average time online in 2012 (children aged 12-15).
  • 62% of children aged 12-15 own a smartphone.
  • 17% of children aged 12-15 used a tablet at home in 2012.
  • 95% of children aged 12-15 used the Internet at home in 2012, 87% daily.


  • 15.25 What the average 11-15 year old spends a week (£s).