I didn’t pitch Teen Events. Here’s the video, and the latest Teen Events stats

Update in 1,2,3…

1. Last week I (didn’t) pitch Teen Events at Don’t Pitch Me Bro and here’s the video. Hold out for the questions which are probably the most interesting part. Thanks to the 3Beards for having me, it was a fantastic and useful experience. And there was beer.

2. Here’s some graphs showing the increase in total Event Follows and Registered Users on the Teen Events website:

3. And here’s the number of Event Follows and Registered Users from the last 5 weeks, showing an average week-on-week increase in both of 8%.

06/09/2013 13/09/2013 20/09/2013 27/09/2013 04/10/2013
Total Event Follows 27128 29987 33241 34863 37200
Week on week growth 8.17% 10.54% 10.85% 4.88% 6.70%
Registered Users 4517 4750 5526 5911 6138
Week on week growth 8.01% 5.16% 16.34% 6.97% 3.84%

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Somebody to love me [just because]

*Coughs and splutters* Sit down at the back and pay attention. Today we’re going over my progress so far – and though it’s an A for effort, not everything is going to plan. I’ve just updated my Progress Page adding new steps, and I’ll explain why below:

Addition of accelerator before seed round

This is something Eileen from Passion Capital mentioned when I met her. A London accelerator such as Seedcamp or Wayra will offer me money, mentoring, office space, discounted legal and hosting fees and support in return for equity *even if my idea is not yet functionally built*. Seed rounds normally come later and tend to require a public product and some traction.

My thinking has always been to progress as far as I can before these two accelerators re-open early 2013 – especially as there’s no guarantee of a place. If I can get something built and out there before then, it means I can potentially skip this stage – though it’s going to be tough. I’ve struggled to progress the functional element of the website and mobile app, and therefore entering an accelerator with its mentoring, contact network and financial investment could be a good idea and (despite the wait) the quickest way to continue my progress.

Re-ordering of list

I’ve moved Seed Round after Website Launch as explained above – I need traction before I seek this. To further clarify, as I have an existing marketing platform for Teen Events in maximumpop.co.uk it seems silly to *not* launch the product before a seed round, and its initial success will only support my case for investment and help with a better valuation. Either way I don’t intend to seek a seed round again until *something* is built.

Drink beer

Because I have spent far too little time in Piano Bar in the last few months, and I imagine I am greatly missed.

And the updates:

  • The animated video is now done – and looking smart. Take a look.
  • The design work is in progress – this is taking longer than I’d like, but is being done as a favour. There is no one better for this work. So I’m trying very hard to be patient.
  • The hunt for a technical co-founder continues, and I recently received some very good advice about this at Silicon Drinkabout, which I’ll post soon.
  • I’m looking for freelance work. I want to ensure I have a fixed income in the run-up to Christmas, and because my focus has been on Teen Events over maximumpop.co.uk I’m not generating enough revenue. Reindeer jumpers don’t buy themselves. If you’re looking for a top notch digital strategist or project manager, please get in touch.

And that’s it – how do you think I’m doing? Give me a grade in the comments below.