Uservoice – why we’re using it to handle incoming queries on Teen Events

I could post an email address or bash together a wufoo or Google form, but I’ve decided instead to use Uservoice for all incoming user queries on Teen Events. What I love about the Uservoice support platforms, is that they’re formed of one landing page to sort all potential user queries.

There’s a Knowledge Base (read: FAQs) for outlining solutions to the most common problems without having to write us an email, there’s a forum to post (and rank) suggestions – to directly feed into our development process, and there’s a contact-form-to-ticketing solution for everything else, such as bugs or offers to send us Mars Bars. Oh, and pricing starts at $0.

Personally I much prefer this combination of functionality over that of Get Satisfaction – especially as you can’t easily create FAQs in GS as far as I’m aware. And I’d rather not have the awful GS purple anywhere near Teen Events.

Whilst the Teen Events development continues things are (relatively) peaceful so I’ve populated my Knowledge Base and seeded a website idea on the Teen Events Uservoice already. Take a look at Teen Events on Uservoice here.

Quora question: Get Satisfaction vs Uservoice

How do you sort feedback, bugs and ideas from users? Leave me a comment.

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