Update: I’m still alive and this is what I’ve been up to

  • I’ve joined music app startup CrowdMix as Product Director
  • We’re moving into our new offices at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, London next week
  • I was convinced by a really smart team of developers, sales and marketing people
  • You can expect to hear me banging on a lot about this in the next few months
  • Maximum Pop! now has a full time editor, the saucy workaholic Verity who has grown daily visits, revenue and Twitter followers significantly in the last 2 months.
  • Teen Events registered just under 11,000 users but has struggled to find product market fit
  • The cost of development became prohibitive and an exhaustive search for a CTO was unsuccessful
  • I’ve started to see some of the ‘tracking’ themes (and very similar marketing messaging) explored in new apps Notivo and Socialite
  • Product and focus group insights led me to believe a mobile app with more sensitive push notifications and a focus on what was happening ‘now’ would be a more compelling product, but I was unable to validate this outside of design work (see below)
  • In the short term, I will be merging Teen Events into Maximum Pop! so that I can combine the social output, increase search footprint, and compound awareness of the MP! brand. Later in the year I’m looking to launch an events mobile app. Design work below
  • At some point I’ll write up one of those grim ‘lessons learned’ posts
  • Will remain online in case someone / anyone finds it useful
  • Will include updates on Maximum Pop! / editorial online / app product thoughts / life at CrowdMix


  • Went swimming. Didn’t drown.
  • I live in a warehouse on an industrial estate.


Earlier this year a very talented designer named Alice Cappo worked with me to realise Teen Events as a mobile app. She created the design work in a week and then showed it to 15 people at the O2 on a mobile phone. The feedback was extremely positive. You can see that design work below to get an understanding of the direction of the product:

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