Oh dear me… what am I doing? And why I think I’m the only person to make this idea happen

Why me, why now?

I forced myself out of the house earlier to get some fresh air and as my head cleared it struck me… what the bloody hell am I doing? I have, on this blog, outlined an idea I’ve been sat on for over 5 years – plans, wireframes, contacts, competitors, weaknesses. Every. Single. Detail. And I started to panic. But as my walk continued it hit me.

That’s just it. I was sat on the idea for 5 years. And I did nothing.

And now, it’s online in all its nitty gritty detail. And all of a sudden people are offering to help. Designers, animators, voice over artists, coders. Plus there’s been constant support and encouragement from friends, family… and total strangers.

So now, for the first time, things are happening and I’m realising my ambition, and it’s all by being a bit of an idiot.

I also had a think of a few other reasons why I think only I could make teenevents.co.uk happen:

I know this audience better than anyone else. Yes, I want to do market research. Yes I’m a 30 year old man with too many grey hairs. But I have spent years of my life talking to young people about their relationships with the things they love. There’s not been a gig for young people where I haven’t stood in the front row and talked and talked and talked about why and how these fans interact with their favourite pop stars. I’ve run pop websites, pop music live events, a social media agency whose whole specialism was talking to young people. This is my home turf and the designs, copy and functionality will be an expression of my experience

I have the audience. Okay so maximumpop.co.uk isn’t the biggest pop site out there, but it’s hitting 100,000+ visits a month, I have 20,000 Twitter followers, 12,000 email addresses and 12,000 Facebook likes. A massive platform from which to promote teenevents.co.uk. So unlike startups who need to take a significant amount of money from their seed round for marketing their product, I just need to promote teenevents.co.uk as the natural evolution of a site they know and love – maximumpop.co.uk

The relationships with the industry. I’ve sat in meetings where artist product managers have agonised about ways to promote their new acts and consulted on how and where to find new audience. I’ve worked with every major record label in the UK – Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner. I understand the needs of managers to increase fan bases. I can put this product in front of them.

I’m a bit mental. I have a passion for the startup culture, building platforms and 16-hour work days. I blame being around before the web existed.

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